Sunday, July 8, 2012

General Motors Diet: Day 2

Fasting blood sugar: 167 (better than yesterday, but hopefully will keep working its way down.)

Stress tends to be a diet buster, but even though I was up off and on all night with Princess Ivana, I seem to be hanging in there pretty well.  I can tell that after day 1, I have shed some water weight.  Breakfast for day 2 is a baked potato, which is something that I don't get to have very often on my usual diet.  I made broccoli soup and some fresh green beans last night so that it would be ready for today's all day veggie consumption.  Today is the day to eat all veggies and no fruit.  I think that I have finally found the secret to sticking to this crazy diet.  That secret is to fix the soup with veggies that I love, and stock the fridge with fruits that I love. As of the time that I'm writing this particular paragraph, I realize that I have not had anywhere near enough water to drink today, so I will get on that right now.  So far, I have had my baked potato, a bowl of broccoli soup and  a diet coke. 

The good news about this is that the Princesses are helping me eat some of this fruit and veggie goodness, so hopefully my having to diet for diabetes and the addition of Bountiful Baskets to our town is helping to establish some good habits.  Incidentally, because health problems have forced us to spend some time learning about nutrition, I do count it as "health" for their school work.  Learning about the ins and outs of diabetes and the fact that it is very strongly genetically linked in our family has been a heck of a hands on science project.  Learning how to prepare healthy meals also falls under "home economics".  This goes along with learning being a lifestyle rather than something that happens for a predetermined amount of time per day. 

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