Monday, July 9, 2012

General Motors Diet: Day 3

Epic FAIL. Fasting blood sugar: 169.  This day was filled with worry, work, and bad food eaten in between work and worry.  However, on the diet front, I have the stuff to begin again tomorrow.  Maybe the damage wasn't too bad.  Even so, there is nothing wrong with fruit and veggie days, so I will not be discouraged, and will still weigh in and see if I've lost anything by Saturday or Sunday. 

On the home front, Princess Ivana needs your prayers.  This is the first time that she has been truly ill since birth, and today actually marked 6 months for her.  Her little body is riddled with infection that started from a tiny little blemish on her face.  The doctor gave her a shot that is supposed to have her well by morning.  I deeply and truly hope so.   We go back to the doctor early in the morning to check on her progress. 

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