Thursday, July 5, 2012

July Fourth Stuff

We kicked off our day with a  parade.  My twirling team, The Sparklers, were in the parade, and it went beautifully.  I absolutely love my little twirlers.  We are using music by The Ventures as our theme for this year, and we used "Wipe Out" for the parade.  We ended the parade at the park that hosts our Freedom Fest.  At that point, the girls were to stand and salute the flag (twirler style) with the Boy Scouts for the opening ceremonies.  If I had a video of what took place to get them into line with the boys, we would win America's Funniest Videos, for sure.

I located the mama that was in charge of the Boy Scouts and asked her where she wanted the twirlers to stand.  She said that they should walk in behind the boys from a certain point of the center walkway in the park.  She told the three boys, who would carry the flag, to let the girls go with them to where they were to begin.  I quickly gathered the girls and sent them behind the boys.  My friend, Laura, kept Ivana for me, and then I went after them.  When I got to the other end of the park, The Sparklers were all lined up, all ten of them, behind the boys, trailing behind them in perfect formation....................while the boys stopped and looked at various vendor booths, and every so often turned to looked at the girls as if they were  a little frightened.  I stopped the girls, and asked Princess Melody (who was the leader of this incident) why they were doing what they were doing, and she said, "You told us to follow the boys."  I'm still laughing.  Be that as it may, opening ceremonies were wonderful and the twirlers looked like angels.

After that, Princess Melody and Princess Abbey, along with their friend, Princess Katie, performed a routine to Hawaii Five-O at the Freedom Fest, and then again at the Miss Sparkler pageant.

 Princess Tarja was in the Miss Sparkler pageant, and she twirled her little baton as part of her "fun fashion" event.  Tarja was such a sweet little pageant contestant, but so upset that she didn't win anything.  In fact, she was upset until time for the fireworks display, and seems to have forgotten all about the pageant after that.  Even when she woke up this morning, she was still going on and on about how much fun and how awesome the fireworks were. 

Poor Melody still had to go to work after three performances, but she held up like a tough little Princess.

Happy Belated July 4th,

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