Sunday, July 15, 2012

Music Bullet, Struz, and Homeschool Science

I like to post reviews about things that I try and love, even if I'm not asked to do so.  Granted, I have done many requested reviews for books and products, but when I find a new item that I really love, especially if it makes my life easier, I get excited and want to make sure that everybody knows about it. 

First of all, I bought myself a pair of Strutz about two months ago.  They are fabric cushions that slip onto your feet so that the cushion part goes directly under the arch (or where one should be), on your foot.  You wear these under or over socks, and with your shoes or barefoot.  The first day that I wore them, I had some relief from my heel pain.  They were a little uncomfortable, and I had to take them off after walking around all day.  HOWEVER, by the very next day, my heel pain subsided considerably, and I began to wear them all the time.  Not only did my heels stop hurting while I was wearing them, but I can now remove them for a day or more, and still do not suffer as much pain as I did before I found this amazing product.  To give you some background info about my heel pain, and how impossible it should be for a pair of cushions of any kind to fix them, I was a hard core baton twirler growing up, and suffered multiple injuries to my ankles and feet.  As I had children, got older, and fell victim to hypothyroidism, I gained a considerable amount of weight.  Couple this with the fact that I have had a few more ankle injuries for various reasons.  Add to that a serious case of diabetes, and it would stand to reason that cushions would not be able to help me. For this level of relief, I spent $10.00.  I'm here to tell you that Strutz are an answer to prayer.

The next item up for business is the Music Bullet. We have lots of technology in this little house, and lots of people using it.  I have tried other little speakers for mp3 players, and was disappointed every time.  The Music Bullet was cheaper than others that I have tried, and really does make my phone and laptop sound like a big stereo.  Amazing!

The next thing is the Reli On series of diabetes testing supplies at Sams and Walmart.  I have been using these cheap supplies for nearly two years, and am very happy.  I treated myself to a new glucometer yesterday for less than $10.00.  Really, I feel very lucky in this department. 

With that said, here is where I get to the homeschooling part.  Science and health lessons can be found in a wide variety of ways in the homeschool.  A good place to start is to learn about those topics that affect your family.  For example, children on ranches need to learn about the animals and plants that they are raising.  It is useful and fun to learn everything that can be found about household pets.  Little Tarja doesn't just tell people that she has a bird or a dog.  She says that she has a blue heeler and a half moon conure.  I personally think that is awesome for a four year old child.  When I was going through high risk pregnancies, we learned about how the fetus was growing each  month, what to expect with a newborn, and what to expect from my pregnancy.  My two older girls have  fairly extensive knowledge about diabetes, just from being exposed to myself and other diabetics.  Incidentally, this is the "school work" that has the potential to save their lives.  More science that my children have had in their homeschooling involves things like making colloidal silver and then using it to do things such as retard mold or disinfect baby toys.  First aid is always a good topic of study.  You children will have an emergency at some point in their lives.  Do they understand anything about allergic reactions, drug interactions, or wound care?  I anything happens to us, can they summon help, be safe, be clean and eat?  In my opinion, household science and health is just as important as the 3 R's. 


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