Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Children's Claritin Syrup

The Three Princesses and I can not live without Claritin, so imagine how happy I was to receive a bottle of Children's Claritin Syrup in the mail! We live in West Texas, and right now, the wind and smoke from the wild fires have been aggravating our allergies in the worst way.

My honest review is that even though Children's Claritin syrup is a fabulous product for allergy suffers, I prefer the ready tabs or chewables. The ready tabs or chewables are much easier to administer to my youngest child. However, the syrup is very necessary for those children that are too young for the pill forms. Hooray for Claritin for covering all of the age groups with their product!

I am a Bzzagent and have received this product and coupons for free to try in exchange for my review.

1 comment:

  1. My 3rd needs Claritin every now and then.... we don't need it daily, but I keep it. :-)