Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Work at Home Mom

I have not worked outside of my home in several years. There are some challenges to being self employed, but for me, the challenges of being a career mom were way more difficult to surmount. As the tale goes for many self employed individuals, there have been some fat years and some learn years. My little job with ChaCha.com helped with the expense of moving to our new town about two years ago. Today, things have slowed down so that I might not be able to earn that kind of money with them. Still, I keep plugging, because I have been through their fat and lean times already. That's just business, I guess.

While things are slow with ChaCha, I have been doing a little bit more on mturk.com. Mturk is owned by Amazon.com, and is a good way to either earn credit to spend on Amazon.com, or to cash out to pay a bill or buy groceries. I'm debating on whether or not to treat this as my Christmas fund, because it is very easy money.

I have found that I can successfully crochet during the time that I work with ChaCha, so I have finally ventured to open My Etsy Shop. As of right now, I don't have very much posted, Soon I will have my little piece of the internet flooded with items.

If you have an Etsy, please leave a link in my comments so that I can add you as a friend.

Also, if you are a WAHM, please tell us what you do. I love to learn about other mommy adventures.


  1. what do you do with mturk?

  2. Mturk.com is a series of little tasks that various companies post so that people like me can jump in and do them. Usually they only pay a few cents her "hit", but after doing several hundred or thousands of them, the money really accumulates. One time, I critiqued a series of educational videos and made some pretty good money. A few months later, I got an email explaining that I had helped this company create a new SAT study course, and they rewarded me with a free course for one of my kids. Talk about perfect timing!