Monday, May 23, 2011

Homeschool Summer

We don't allow our children to play during the Summer. Ha ha! You know that's not true, but that is the assumption that a lot of people have about homeschoolers.

However, I do have some things to say about the way we handle the lazy months of Summer. Truly, the Santiagos don't have time to waste away the hundred degree days by sipping Lemonade and listening to the sidewalks crack.

We still have lessons, although they might not be as structured as they were during the Fall and Winter. Last year, we started the Youth Heritage Award project during the Summer, and began utilizing all of the available video courses on Hippocampus. The girls attended a theater workshop, and began the necessary work for the Active Lifestyle Challenge. Abbey also participated in the Summer reading program at our local library.

For this Summer, I plan on working on Melody's high school transcript, and she will do her ACT test prep so that she can test in November.

Tarja will get to participate in the library Summer reading program for the first time.

Abbey will finish her softball season around the fist week of June.

Both Melody and Abbey will participate in a youth Bible study.

All three girls are baton twirling until Christmas, and we are all still doing the 52 Books Challenge to show that we can read 52 books by next January.

Please discuss your Summer plans in the comments below. It's fun to share ideas!

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