Thursday, May 26, 2011

Princess Melody is at her monthly orthodontist appointment in San Angelo. She doesn't look forward to the dentist, but she does look forward to the trip.

Melody is also the proud recipient of her very first job. This is the job that she applied for just a few months ago, but was told that she would have to wait until her birthday. She is a very, very happy little princess, because now she will be able to earn money to fund some of her dreams.

Princess Tara and I had the pleasure of reading two books today, Invisible Alligators and The Journey of the Noble Gnarble. While Abbey was working on her lessons, Tarja says, "But what about me???" I love that my children love to learn.

Princess Abbey got started on the Youth Freedom Award project today. There are a lot of opportunities to write for this project, so we assigned a spiral notebook for the effort. As she writes, we correct grammar, and practice all misspelled words. When she is finished with the project, she will get a nice medal.

This afternoon, we have a twirling lesson, and then Abbey has a softball game. I have to make supper very early so that all we have to do is heat it up when we are ready to eat.

As for me, I am on the very last unit of Experiencing God. I will miss this study when it's over. Also, I am continually working toward improving my health, and have been even more diligent in working with ChaCha to help with my husband's transition from one job to the next.

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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  1. Good girl..... sounds like things are trucking along nicely. :-)